Sunday, April 19, 2009

What to do?

First of all, I want to apologize for not writing in a long time. It just seems life has overwhelmed me. Now that school is winding down I have some major decisions to make. Like where to work? Where am I going to live? Where am I going to golf? Lets break this down one by one.

Where am I going to work? Recently I got the RHD (Resident Hall Director) in the Freshman dorm and in the summer I can live in the RHD apartment, which has a full kitchen, or I can go home. Lets look at the positive and negatives of each. Positives of going home, I will be able to see my family, my old friends, I don't have to cook, I will be able to see Camila on more weekends, I will be able to go on vacation with my fam, I will be able to see more Cubs games on TV. Negatives, I have to pack and move home, actually do work,

Positives for staying in Minot: Better learn how to survive on my own, go tanning on the roof with Noel, go golfing at a harder course. Negatives: Cooking.

Last summer I worked at Odney Advertising and it looks to be about 50/50 if I will work there again this summer. I would love to work there again, they challenged me to be creative and taught me what a real life job is like. If I don't work there I don't know if I should go back to Mandan or stay here in Minot find a second job and be a summer RHD. My teacher says I should make a resume tape from all of the weather casts I have done and send them to KXMC and KMOT in Minot. I feel like I am fully prepared to take the next step, but my teacher does. If anyone knows of any other jobs please let me know.

Life is full of rough decisions and I think I am at a cross roads now. It is scary and causing my to be out of my comfort zone. I think I am going through life lesson 101. BE PREPARED TO TAKE RISKS. I am not sure what I will do or where I will be but I need to have faith and work hard at whatever I do.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

13 year old Dad???

I don't know if anybody has heard of this, but I was reading the Drudge Report and there was a story about a 13 year old boy. The story was broken in Britain's tabloid paper The Sun. First of all I couldn't imagine having a baby at 20 let alone 13. The reporter asked the "Dad" what he was going to do to support the baby financially and he didn't know what financially meant. So the reporter had to dumb it down and just pose the question, what are you going to do for money? The boy said his parents will help him out and he is going to stay in school, which I think he was in about 7th grade, in order to get a better paying job. This is absolutely ridiculous. They are only 13 years apart, they could be in they same boy scout troop together. When he is a senior in High school, he will have to go to Parent-Teacher conferences when he is done studying for his SAT's.

I wonder what the Grandparents were thinking when they found out their little boy was going to be a daddy. In our high school we had a sexual education class my freshman year, do they need to have a sex ed program that now starts in elementary school? Maybe right after learning how to spell Elephant they can learn about the birds and the bees. When I was 13 I was watching Sponge Bob and riding my bike everywhere I went. Plus I wasn't allowed to date until I was 16.

Now a 13 year old boy cant make a baby by him self, the mom is at the tender age of 15. Everybody wants to grow up so fast, well this time they did it. They pulled out all of the stops in their quest to be adults.

This is created quite a stir across Europe and has gotten quite a bit of air time in the US. Finally we don't have to hear about "Octomom." The real tragedy here is the new born baby. She didn't ask to be born to such young parents. She probably wont have a "normal" childhood. It is a sad, sad situation.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Race week

After seeing A-Rod dominating the news with his steroid admission, I never thought I would ever say this, and I mean ever, the Super Bowl of NASCAR is this Sunday and I don't mind seeing that it on the air waves. Most of the time when I think of NASCAR I think, "My goodness, look at how much gas they are wasting." Sometimes I say, "Daytona 500, the only exciting part is the last 5 laps anyway. They should cut it down to the Dayona 10."

I know some of my family members are race fans, but I am not going to lie, I would rather watch the PBA, PGA, or even the NCAA. Yes, the crashes are a big part of the "sport" however you may have to watch two and a half hours of cars going in ovals to see a minor bump. I have tried to watch this, I have tried to be a fan, I have pretended to care, but all of that gas. I bet prices would plunge another dollar if they got rid of NASCAR.


I have another Math test next Wednesday and I am already starting to prepair. Last night I spent 2.5 hours doing one assignment. I was talking to one of my friends who goes to college at University of Mary, a private college and she said they don't have to take a math to graduate. I figure I will try my hardest and will pass math with a "D" and to me that will be alright. However in the worst case senirio I will transfer down to U Mary after my senior year and gradutate down there. They have a similar program, instead of Broacasting degree, I would be graduating with a Communication degree. I am trying to stay positive and I know I will pass my Math class, but in the back of my mind, I think it helps me know I have a back, back, back,back-up plan. I think.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Feb. 17 just another day now.

I just read an article that said the Senate passed a bill that would delay the switch from analog television to digital. The article went on to say it was a big win for Obama because there was growing concern about millions of Americans not having the proper TV or converter box.

In 2005 congress, passed the bill that would make networks start broadcasting in digital. That gave at least 3 years for Americans to go out and buy a 40 dollar converter box or save up for a new TV. However that has not happened. Everybody just waited until the last minute to upgrade and completely failed. It reminds me of a quote "A person is smart, people are dumb and panicky"

Now the new date four months down the road, June 12. Maybe we will start watching cleaner, more crisp programming, but with the three branches of government controlled by the democrats, who knows when networks will make the switch. I know KMOT in Minot has made the switch early to get everything worked out. They were a head of the curve.. now they are four months a head.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Longest week of my life!

This semester at Minot State University will undoubtedly be the biggest test I will face as a college student. Last semester, I was enrolled in my first, and probably last law course. Communication Law might have been a valuable piece to my overall Broadcasting education, but when the teacher walked in to class on the first day she said, "This is the hardest class in the Broadcast department." That statement was the highlight of that class. Any who I survived it and I now realize that Comm. Law was a piece of cake (chocolate) compared to what lies a head. Math 103.

There is no secret that I am a complete bone head at Math. God just wanted me to carry a calculator wherever I go. I had to take Math 102 spring semester of 2008 and worked my butt off to get a 'C'. I have put off this class as long as I could believing that MSU will change their math requirement to graduate, but alas that has not come to fruition. I am taking the class with my girlfriend and another RA. Also I have my best friend up here, who is a Computer Science major tutor me in exchange for a streak dinner at the end of the year. It seems like I have a whole team of people who are supporting me and helping me along the journey.

I didn't sleep very well Monday night.. or Tuesday night or that matter. I was not looking forward to getting up Tuesday morning trudging across campus for my 8:00 am class. I kept tossing and turning, talking to my self, wondering how I will pass this class. Than I thought two things to my self that calmed me down and finally let me get some much needed rest.

First, take it one day at a time. Don't think about everything I have to do this semester and try and keep a positive attitude when trying to better my self.
Second, I am in my nice warm bed in my 71 degree room, in Minot, North Dakota. I could be in an even worse situation. I could be fighting a war half-way around the world. Separated from my family, friends and everything that I have known for the past 20 years of my life.

So, do I really have it that bad? No. Will I succeed? Please.. I am DVD! Just kidding, yes, with lots of hard work and focus I will pass with flying colors. Also I believe with prayer comes added strength.

This week has been dragging on but I could be working out side in -40 degree weather.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

They put this on TV?

Bromance, Big Brother 1-11, The Real World, Survivor are just a few of the prime time shows now being showed in prime time on network television. For some of my followers they may not know what some of these shows are about. I went to to see what they about their "hit" show and it said "bromance is an intense brotherly bond that makes two buddies become virtually inseparable...the pool of potential bros gets smaller as Brody Jenner kicks sub par compadres to the curb one by one. It sure is hard to find the right guy! But when he does find that special someone to join his inner circle, it's destined to be true bromance." That sounds pretty sketchy to me. If you put a camera in front of a turd and give it false hope it may become relevant.. it is still a turd.

It blows my mind that people would willingly put their pride and self confidence on display for the whole world to critique. What happens if one of these guys who is already having troubles is the first to get kicked off of bromance? That would be a tough pill to swallow. He can't even be the best friend of a C-List celebrity.

Another ridiculous, short lived show was Hole in the Wall. This is when a wall with a cut out figure comes barreling towards the contestant and they need to get through it. If not they lose and fall in a pool of water. Really? The shows intro said it is a big hit in China. I think fox officials should leave Chinese television over seas and bring King of the Hill back.

There are some decent programs on now, 30 Rock, Lost and The Office and are few that come to my mind. My heart still urns for another Seinfeld, King of the Hill and Family Matters.

If it wasn't for sports and the occasional re-run of The King of Queens I would need to find another way to find another way to relax and have a few laughs after a long day.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

WOW, That's disappointing.

It seems to be a Christmas break tradition that my good buddy Nate Kroh and I go skiing at the local ski resort, Huff Hills, south of Mandan. Hills, really?? That should be my first red flag, but nevertheless Nate and I seem to enjoy one solid day of hitting the slopes.

We made plans to go when most of the kids were in school so it wouldn't be that busy. Also with all of the snow the Man/Bis area has received in December it would be a perfect thing to do before we both head back to school at the end of the week.

Today we met up at 9:30 am and we got all of our snow gear on and we piled in my car, plus I brought along a jug of water so I didn't need to spend more money than I absolutely needed.

9:40 am: I filled up my dodge neon up with gas and Nate bought breakfast (corn dog and .25 Peach tea.

9:50 am: Nate Kroh and I stop buy Butcher Block and purchase sandwiches for lunch for 2.75 a piece.

10:00 am: We head out on the road for a quick 20 minute safari toward huff hills.

10:23 am: Our car pulls in to the parking lot and we are the only car there. So we get out of the car and make our way to the ski house. All of the doors are open, but there is no one there. We decide to wait around for about 10 minutes before I found their phone number. I call it and the phone that was ringing was 3 feet away and no body was around to answer. There were Huff Hills shirts, sweatshirts everywhere and if I wasn't a church going man I would have snagged one. We went down stairs to where they rent ski's, snowboards, and boots, again NOBODY there. We could have taken anything and everything.

10:45 am: Nate and I reluctantly got back in our car and drove the long 2o miles back to Mandan.

There was nobody out there, they were making snow( I guess having record snow in December is not enough for them) and there was no reason they should have been closed on this beautiful Wednesday. Needless to say we were mad,sad and disappointed about our ski trip.

Nate and I plan on going sledding instead this afternoon. We were all pumped for snow activities and snow activities we shall participate in.

Take that HUFF HILLS!!!!!